Once upon a time ...

My name is Maren. I'm a graphic designer with the good old diplom titel. Sometimes I create posters, cards, logos, weddings and other stuff for good people. Sometimes I just clean s@§$# poop.
Short story about me. I studied 5 years in Germany (Bielefeld), a half year in Canada, 2 month I traveled around in the USA, 1 year I lived in Dubai and I worked for a company that called Creative Kettle, 2 month I worked for a company that called Salt&Pepper, half a year I worked for a company that called Pinolino in Germany (Münster), at least 3/4 year since now I work for a company called BrillDesign in Germany (Herzebrock) ... Give me a new story to write about.


Adobe Creative Suite, Smultron, Conceptual Design, Microsoft Office.

About this website

Developed and designed by Maren Uhlig. If you have any questions please feel free to mail at maren.uhligatmkudesign.de